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Food: A troubled relationship

Image4 years and 4 months ago I lied in the hospital, knowing I needed to make changes but really had no idea what to do. After getting out of the hospital and getting home I knew my relationship with food was going to need some work.

I admittedly went about things slowly, while I learned how my body worked and what it would need to work efficiently. I remember one night, lying in bed…having already lost 200 lbs I was very focused up improving my overall health as well as lose weight. That night I remember turning the light on (both in my head and in my room) and writing 3 words: Food equals fuel.

I then dived deeper into what my body needed to run optimally. I no longer wanted to rely on vitamins for my nutrients and wanted to get them from what I ate; but to do that it meant I needed to really eat right.

So I began to break down what I ate using MyFitnessPal and was enthralled by what some foods brought to the table and how many foods that brought nothing except empty calories.

I began planning my meals for the week, making sure the days were balanced and delicious. Then I would go out and buy all the ingredients. I do all my own cooking (except rare occasions) as I want to know what exactly my body in consuming.

Looking back now, I know once my relationship with food was rebooted, and getting what my body needed vs what my head thought I wanted, it became so easy. Each meal was more satisfying. Each sip of water was more quenching. Why? Because I knew getting the right amount of nutrients in my body and the right amount of liquids was making my body run better and in turn make me feel better & even my skin looked better.




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