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If only it knew…

Sometimes I will catch my reflection and will stop short.
“Who are you?” If only it would respond. If only it knew. If only.

I sometimes wish the mirror were a time machine, a way to connect with that person from 4 years ago. What would I say to him? I was asked this very questions in my Tips of the Scale interview. Having had more time to think about it, I now know what I would ask.
“It’s not too late, why just give up?”
“Whatever you are going through, food isn’t going to make things better, is it?”
“Why not try?”

As I look away from the mirror briefly, my gaze returns to the mirror and there I am looking back. I’m older, I’m wiser, the pain behind the eyes have been replaced with a smile & a sense of wonderment.
As I put on my walking shoes, my thoughts are on if I can beat yesterdays time, not on wishing the day over with.

But even still, sometimes I will catch my reflection…mirror


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