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Some things I learned on my journey to better health

Water is your friend. It is a big part of us. Did you know: The average adult male is about 60% water. The average adult woman is about 55% water. Drinking water is SO important to keep your system running great. (like when a brook begins to run low on water and it begins to stagnate, never a good thing) A good rule of thumb for water: Take your weight and divide it by 2. Then the total in weight is what you should drink in oz. For example: Joan weighs 240: 240/2 equals 120, there fore Joan should drink around 120 oz of water.

Eat smart. Everyone has their own journey, their own choices…but everyone agrees that eating smart and balance diet is a great option. Overly processed foods are horrible for you and your body. Highly recommend food logging. Check out something like myfitnesspal.com, a great calorie counter and make you mindful of what you’re taking in vs what is really needed.
Move. Any type of activity is better than no activity. Start with something you are comfortable with. It might be walking or moving your arms and legs or could even be something like making sure your move around every hour you are awake.

Set mini goals that are easier to achieve (lose 20 lbs, walk 2 miles etc, when you achieve it set another goal, with final goal being healthier.

Really understand that the reality is: The weight did not come on over night, therefor it won’t come of that way either. Look at it as a journey, NOT a quick fix. Pills, drinks and meals that promise things that sound ‘to good to be true’ more often than not, it turns out to be just that, wasted money and wasted time.

I Highly recommend either a weight loss forum or a social network like ‘fitocracy’ for support. They have good tips, often from people that are approaching their own goals. It can feel endless and often times you wonder ‘why?’ but being on a support forum reminds you ‘Why!”

Stay focused. While your final goals is to be healthier, everyone experiences temptations. It could be that forbidden sweet or skipping your exercise in favor of doing nothing. It happens, but in time you’ll begin to realize that you’re only hurting yourself.


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